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HTA opens its first home!

Home Team Advantage (HTA)’s first home, a four-plex, is accepting its first tenants! That means that four families who are currently vulnerable and experiencing housing instability will have a safe, stable & secure place to call home by Christmas.

In addition to HTA (Landlord), teammates include Kids in Distress (Case Managed Agency) and No Perfect People Inc. (Support Community of Church by the Glades), attending to the ongoing needs of the families. The home was donated by a member of Church by the Glades’ congregation. Dozens of others from the church have stepped up to rehab and furnish the home and to assist the families with whatever they need to successfully complete their road to recovery.

Here’s how it works:

  • Once the house was donated, No Perfect People Inc. (NPPI) oversaw extensive renovations to make it not only habitable, but desirable for families whose dream is a home of their own.
  • NPPI’s design team completely furnished the first home right down to the window coverings and kitchen utensils. The beds were donated by City Furniture; the rest came from members of the congregation. NPPI provides everything for the homes that the tenant doesn’t already have.
  • Support is given to each family by a dedicated Family Support Team that’s led by a member of the Church by the Glades congregation. Team leaders are trained with help from Kids in Distress. Once matched with a family, they lead other team members to help with each family’s unique needs. NPPI has developed an online system where people can sign up to join the Family Support Team to help.
  • The super goal for each family is to be self-sufficient within four years and, ideally, be able to move into a home of their own without the need for subsidy.

Check back soon to find out how the new tenants are doing!

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