A Committed Team

Combating the challenges takes a Team!

Introducing our starting lineup.


Non-Profit Organization

Primary Role: Case Manager
The Agency is a professionally-licensed Social Agency that hires a case manager to oversee a client and their individual development case plans. The Agency can be any type of non-profit service provider (i.e. foster care (KIDS in Distress), homeless (Mission United), domestic violence (Women In Distress), etc.) as long as they provide professional, cased managed services and their client is housing challenged. The Agency provides assessment, alignment, and case management services for families (or individuals in their care) with the goal of helping them achieve stability and growth.

Support Community

Non-Profit Organization

Primary Role: Social Support System / Relationship Provider
The Support Community is a Service or Faith-Based Organization that provides the Social Support System of commitment, love, compassion, and accountability necessary to restore a family’s bruised and broken relationships. The Support Community works underneath the Agency’s Case Manager and alongside the family members in the home to provide a support system that helps them with their needs and encourages them to reach their case-managed goals.

Home Team Advantage

Non-Profit Organization

Primary Role: Landlord
HTA Management, LLC is the housing provider and Landlord. Because of its nonprofit status, it can keep the rents below market and provide the highest level of property management services to its Client Tenants.

To find out how to become an HTA agency partner or support community partner, contact us.

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