The Power of Generosity

Donate a Home

Housing is the Platform for Recovery!

Cause-specific charities are gaining momentum among the philanthropic community because they are singularly focused on specific problems, many of which are within the borders of our own community. These charities require the common denominator of safe, affordable housing to provide a stable platform for their client’s recovery (the “Housing First” nationally proven model). Home Team Advantage takes this model one step further and adds a “relational network” of restorative support.

Home Team Advantage Restorative Housing, with the help of cause-minded Donors, has proven effective in getting families on a restorative path towards independence and homeownership VICTORY!

Donors are the catalyst of the Home Team Advantage model!

When a Donor gifts a home to HTA, the following occur:
  1. HTA’s most valuable asset, its loving community of social support, is mobilized and ultimately exchanged for the liquidated value of the gifted home upon sale… hopefully to the existing family tenant! This liquidated value is then distributed to each of the HTA Teammates (Support Community, Agency & HTA Landlord).
  2. Since the value of the gifted home is ultimately distributed to the HTA Teammates, it is in the Teammates own self-interest to perform well and be good stewards of the HTA program and its successful outcomes.

When You Give Here, The Money Stays Here.

With the help of our partner Agencies & Support Communities, we identify Donors who have the means and desire to purchase a property in South Florida. Federal and state governments encourage Donors to participate by giving them sizable tax credits of up to $200,000 per year in addition to federal charitable tax deductions. At minimum, the Donor receives a 70% return on charitable gift back to them through tax credits & deductions!

The Donor gifts the home to HTA Management LLC and because the home is in South Florida, each Donor can see first-hand the important work their donation is doing right here in the community. When you give here, the money goes to work here.

If you would like to learn more about donating a home, contact us.

Everyone can do something to help!

If you are interested in donating goods (furniture, household items), services or money to help one of our families, please contact us.

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